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New Exclusive Music – 111 Tracks Сollection May 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 111 Tracks Сollection May 2022


A.J Roland – You See (Original Mix)
Alex Sol – Keeps Me High (Extended Mix)
Alex Sol – My Side (Extended Mix)
Andre Moret – Cloudy Soul
Andre Moret – Cloudy Soul (Matias Ocanõ Remix)
Andre Moret – Outlying
ARTBAT – Generation
ASTRØ – Lights In Your Eyes (Original Mix)
ASTRØ, Meshcut – Paradox (Original Mix)
Avidus – Dunes (Jesse Trinidad Remix)
Avidus – Dunes (Original Mix)
Bautista Gaya – Baigon
Bautista Gaya – Searching For
Benttum – Elephant
Benttum – Titã
BOg, 19:26, Diana Miro – Underwater (Coeus Remix)
BOg, 19:26, Diana Miro – Underwater (Massano Remix)
Brascon, Georg Arnim – Burned Eyes
Buba – Agymosas (Original Mix)
Carles – Solitary (Original Mix)
Carles – Variety (Original Mix)
CATSNAKE – Hologram
Cuthana – Hypnos (Original Mix)
Danilo Ercole, Rafael Osmo – Lasting (Original Mix)
Danny Cervera & D1NA – Say No To War (Original Mix)
Deniz Bul – Fata Morgana (Extended Mix)
Digital Mess – Fury Fur
Elmer Fudge – Blizzard (Original Mix)
Evelynka – Need the Way
Evelynka;Blindsmyth – Need the Way – Blindsmyth Remix
Evelynka;Revision – Need the Way – Revision Remix
Ewan Rill – Explorer (Extended MIx)
FiNE – Changing Times (Original Mix)
Franco Di Benedetto – 18′ Teleporter
Franco Di Benedetto – 18′ Teleporter (HIGHLITE Remix)
Franco Di Benedetto – Rave Children
Frannz – Tantor (Original Mix)
Frannz – Tantra (Original Mix)
Frannz – Wild (Original Mix)
Harvey McKay – Elves Playground
Harvey McKay – Midnight
Harvey McKay – Oberon
Hillmer – Arven (Original Mix)
Hillmer – Holt (Original Mix)
Hillmer – Nari (Original Mix)
James Hurr – Tell Me (Extended Mix)
Johanson, Ninetyfour. – Moonlit Plains Feat. Johanson (Third Person Remix)
Kai Morris – Course
Kai Morris – Sand City
Kai Morris – Tsunami
Kamilo Sanclemente – My Heart Beat (Original Mix)
Karimov Brothers – Mizrah (Original Mix)
Kerosino – Kukui
Kerosino – Luminga
Kerosino – Nadu
Kerosino – Samintra
Kolombo – Vitrail (Original Mix)
Kosa – Mi Zone (Ashtar Remix)
Kryder – Piece Of Art (Crusy Extended Remix)
Lightning Effect – Calm Down (Edvard Hunger Remix)
Luciid – Into My Mind
Luciid – We Hold No Love
Makid – Everything U Promised (Extended)
Manuel Otero – En La Orilla (After Sunrise Remix)
Micaele & Kayrae – Find (Extended Mix)
Michael Schreiber – Struktur Zwei (Riva Starr Cut The Noize Remix)
MoBlack, Armonica, Dear Humans – The Difference (Dodi Palese Remix)
Mondo – Rave Power
Nick Newman – Incognito
Noir – Partikler
Noir – Resonans
Noir – Void
Noissier – Stay Close
Oliver Poll – Persia
Oliver Poll – Shiva
Orlando Voorn – Deeper Shades
Orlando Voorn – March of Freedom
Orlando Voorn – So Deep
Rafael Cerato – Alive
Rafael Cerato – Naughty Boy
Rocco Lazzaro – Said (Extended Mix)
Roman Adam – Elevate (Original Mix)
Roman Adam – Kraft Effect (Original Mix)
Roman Adam – Pretend (Original Mix)
Sahar Z – Back In My Arms
Sahar Z – Back In My Arms (Shai T Remix)
Salim Frank – SO Easy (ClubMix)
Sam Kitt – Distorted Dreams
Sam Scheme – Range Of Emotions (Original Mix)
Sam Scheme – Shual (Original Mix)
Saveload – You (Extended Mix)
Sean & Dee – Nothing From Us (Extended Mix)
Stephan Jolk – Blossom
Steve Lynam – Coming For You (Original Mix)
Steve Lynam – Hold (Original Mix)
The Khitrov – Who’s Back It (Extended Mix)
Two Are feat. Samantha Hooey – In The End (Extended Mix)
Vicente Panach – Lean To (Original Mix)
Visionaire – Planeta (Original Mix)
Warung – Division (Extended Mix)
Warung – Luminescence (Extended Mix)
Woo York – Like a Phoenix
Y.Y – Vasanta (Original Mix)
Yermak – Elevation (Extended Mix)


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