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New Exclusive Music – 134 Tracks Сollection May 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 134 Tracks Сollection May 2022


Affkt – Tarambana (Carlos Deutsch Remix)
Affkt – Tarambana (MMYYLO Remix)
Affkt – Tarambana (NEIR’s Tunnel Vision Mix)
Affkt – Tarambana (Phi6 Remix)
AFK (LB) – Intellectual Depth
AFK (LB) – Intellectual Depth (HRÄG Remix)
AL-Faris – No Place on Earth (Extended Mix)
Alley SA – Reflections
Anita May – Toxic Girl (Original Mix)
APHE – Open
APHE – Sidenote
Arc of Yesod – Blue Dot (SNYL Spaced Out Remix)
Armin van Buuren & AVIRA vs. Chicane – Offshore (Extended Mix)
AudioStorm – Shield (Gorkiz & NUFECTS Remix)
Bec – Process Don’t Resist
Bec – Solitude
Benicci – Alone
Benicci – Fly
Booka Shade & Bailey – Fire & Rain
Budakid & Nordfold – Aika
Budakid & Nordfold – United
D.J. MacIntyre – Phoenix Rising (Dr Chrispy Remix)
Dan Bay – Wüstentanz (Jerry Spoon Remix)
Dekkai – Northern Sun
Dekkai – Reaching for the Sky
Dekkai – Tatras
Dhany G, RYAN (CU) & Havjers – Synergia
Dhany G, RYAN (CU) & Havjers – Synergia (David Podhel Remix)
Dhany G, RYAN (CU) & Havjers – Synergia (Sinan Arsan Remix)
Dio S – Disclaimer
DJ B (JO) – All About Love
DJ B (JO) – Last Time
DJ Dextro – Cromatica
DJ Dextro – Here We Go Again
DJ Dextro – Hipersonia
DJ Dextro – Pontus
DJ Dextro – The Message
Eddy Tango – Bedouin
Eddy Tango – Bedouin (Khalil Suleman Remix)
Eddy Tango – Desert
Felix Raphael, Fabian Sprungk, Laura Zimmermann – Close (Extended Mix)
Fumihiko Takei – Quantum of Solace
Galexis – Magnitude
GarryG – Stir (Original Mix)
Grigore – Run Away
Grigore – Witches Stay Behind You
Grigore – Witches Stay Behind You (Fur Coat Remix)
Heerhorst – Alright
Heerhorst – Alright (WhoKnew Remix)
Heerhorst – Timeshift
James Cole – Feels Good
James Cole – Respect
James Cole – Say That You Love Me
Joe Fisher – Holographic
Jope – Green Flash
Joseph Disco – Dangerous
Karol Melinger – Dark Neuron (M. Rodriguez Remix)
Kebin van Reeken – Discovery
Kebin van Reeken – Existence
Kebin van Reeken – Wonderland
Kydus – Believe In Me
Larson – Gezellig
Leandro Murua – Everything Is Inside
Leandro Murua – Everything Is Inside (Anprique Remix)
Lena Storm – Pantheon
Lowtopic – Santo
Lowtopic – Time (Sol Novaro & VLLN Remix)
LUCATI – Crowd Go (Extended Mix)
Luka Sambe – 7 Days
Luka Sambe & Zankee Gulati – Burning Sage
Luka Sambe & Zankee Gulati – Civic Path
Makebo & Amonita – Back To The Roots (Extended Mix)
Marcelo Berges – Pink Clouds
Mauro Masi – Captured Moment
Missfeat – Wake Up, It’s a Good
Mr.Mind – This Is My Home
NeWest – Perfect (Original Mix)
Nihil Young, Artifex Mundi – All I Need (Extended Mix)
Nihil Young, Luke Coulson, Artifex Mundi – The Future feat. Luke Coulson (Extended Mix)
Phill Kullnig – Diversidad (Flo MRZDK & Monotunes Remix)
Re.You & Paul Brenning – Memory Lane (Original Mix)
Re.You & Paul Brenning – Reasons (Original Mix)
ReCorpo – Altomondo
Rony Seikaly – Ephemeral (Original Mix)
Salvo Migliorini – Mysterious (Ali Termos Indie Remix)
Salvo Migliorini – Mysterious (Dj Sergee Remix)
Savaaq – Canto (Ghazo Yani & Aves Volare Remix)
Scott Young – antipop
Scott Young – chemistry
Senses Of Mind – Artificial Experiment (Original Mix)
Senses Of Mind – Singularity (Kadhem cinematic remix)
Senses Of Mind – Singularity (Original Mix)
Skahigan – Aether
Skahigan – Erebus
Skahigan – Nyx
Solomun feat. ÄTNA – Prospect (Matthew Herbert Golden Instrumental Mix)
Solomun feat. ÄTNA – Prospect (Matthew Herbert Golden Mix)
Solomun feat. Jamie Foxx – Ocean (DJ Koze Instrumental Remix)
Solomun feat. Jamie Foxx – Ocean (DJ Koze Remix)
Stan Seba – Such a Sweetheart (TEELCO Remix)
Submarine (IL) – Africa
Submarine (IL) – Cows Rain
Submarine (IL) – Down
Swen Vershoven – Arms & Armor
Swen Vershoven – Bloom
Swen Vershoven – Deep In My Bones
Swen Vershoven – Drowning By Your Eyes
Swen Vershoven – Interlude Of Memories
Swen Vershoven – Rise After Dark
Swen Vershoven – Woodhouse
TAKIRU – Soul Machine
The Digital Blonde – Last Time
Topsy Turvy – Broken Breath
Topsy Turvy – Can You Feel Me
Vladimir Komazec – You Got All You Need
WhoMadeWho & Rampa – UUUU (&ME Remix)
Xandl – Discoteque
xanoMusik – Sunrise
xanoMusik – The Forest
yotto – Moving On (Extended Mix)
yotto – The Valley (Extended Mix)
Zafer Atabey – Extima
Zafer Atabey – The World


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