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New Exclusive Music – 134 Tracks Сollection October 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 134 Tracks Сollection October 2022


A.J Roland – The Last Fall
A.J Roland – The Last Fall (Gonza Sclarovsky Rmx)
Aaron Suiss & Peled – When The Light Shines (Original Mix)
Aaron Suiss & Peled – When The Light Shines (Stan Kolev Remix)
Agents Of Time – Ciao
Agents Of Time – Dream Vision (Orchestra Version)
Agents Of Time – Interstellar Cowboy
Agents Of Time – Liquid Fantasy (feat. Vicky Who?)
Agents Of Time – Part Of Life
Agents Of Time – Poison (feat. Audrey Janssens)
Agents Of Time – Pulses
Agents Of Time – The World Is Dump
Ameli Paul – Musca (Original Mix)
Ameli Paul – Musca (Yubik Remix)
Amir Telem – Rainbow
Amir Telem – Tell the Truth
Amir Telem – Tell the Truth (FiveP Remix)
Anikey – Higher and Highe (Original Mix)
ARKHAZIUM – Another Day
Artifex Mundi – Arcadia (Original Mix)
Astral Base – Citadel (Original Mix)
Atóm (IE) – Fragile
Audio Monkey – Rise
Banco De Gaia – Heliopolis (Framewerk Northern Mix)
Black Strand – Fading To Black (Extended Mix)
Black Strand – Sound Breeze (Extended Mix)
Black Strand – Unsatisfied (Extended Mix)
BRK (BR) – Party Don’t Stop (Evi Orgatz Remix)
Chär Spinelli – Equilibrio
Charlotte de Witte – Apollo
Charlotte de Witte – Mercury
Charlotte de Witte – Missing Channel
Charlotte de Witte – PPC
Chris Sterio & Xiasou & Contribute Translation – Staring the Stars (Michael Kortenhaus Remix)
Come To Me – Evolution of Dreams
D-Formation, Ark Nomads – Attic (Original Mix)
Dabeat, Fernando Olaya, Kamilo Sanclemente – Empty Spaces
Dani Borges – Take Control
Dani El – Dust & Water
Dani El – Efir
Daramah – Kernkraft 400 (Original Mix)
Das Pharaoh – Tale of the Two Rivers (Extended Mix)
Dave Seaman & Steve Parry, Nunchi Coup x Yulanda – Under The Scars (Dub Mix)
Dave Seaman & Steve Parry, Nunchi Coup x Yulanda – Under The Scars (Extended Mix)
De Cave Man & TonicVolts & Nurogroove – Thrill
De Facto – Lacuna
Deestopia – Renaissance (Extended Mix)
Demon Noise – Banger (Original Mix)
Demon Noise – Losing Control (Original Mix)
Demon Noise – Nothing And Everything (Original Mix)
Dimuth K – Amazonia
Donna-Marie (NZ) – Concentrate
Dory Badawi – Summer Days (Extended Mix)
Ege Yanik – Going Alone
Ege Yanik – Remind Me
Eleven Of July – Love Over Reason
Facundo Capott – Neptuno (Original Mix)
Framewerk – Chemical Trip (TLF at Tunnels Mix)
Framewerk – Let Your Mind Go (Original Mix)
Frank Sonic & Gilles Bernies – Hymna
Frank Sonic, Gilles Bernies – Hymna (Extended Mix)
Frank Sonic, Gilles Bernies – Kyklos (Extended Mix)
FXTR feat. FAYE – Diamonds (Original Mix)
FXTR feat. FAYE – Stay (Original Mix)
Ghenwa Nemnom – Story of a Battle (Chris Zippel Remix)
God Of Son – Beyond a Dream
Graumann – Bebra
Graumann – Mode
GUGGA [BR] – I’m Here
GUGGA [BR] – Stronger
GUGGA [BR] & Sensitive (It) – I’m Here (Extended Mix)
GUGGA [BR] & Sensitive (It) – Stronger (Extended Mix)
Ismael Rivas – Renaissance
Ismael Rivas – Xtacy Lover
Jacob B – Get Up
Jacob B – Lagoon
Jacob B – Paradise
James Hype & Tita Lau – B2B (Extended Mix)
Jason Johnson (DE) & Justus Reim – Efficency (Bultech Remix)
Jason Johnson (DE) & Justus Reim – Efficency (Original Mix)
Jawck – To the Sky
Jon.K – Switch
Jorge Viana – Alnilam
Jorge Viana – Mintaka
Joston – Sunset on Jupiter
JustJovani – The End
JustJovani – The End (Braynod Remix)
JustJovani – The End (Fotis Konfusion Remix)
JustJovani – The End (Steven Flynn Remix)
Kamilo Sanclemente – Dissension
Kamilo Sanclemente, Giovanny Aparicio – Innocense (Triucid Extended Remix)
Kamilo Sanclemente, Mauro Aguirre – Ambar (Danny Bonnici Remix)
Kamilo Sanclemente, Zalvador – Coalition
Karol XVII & MB Valence – Whispers
Knoder – Not Robot (Original Mix)
Lampe – Xperience (Original Mix)
Lampe – Xpress (Original Mix)
Lucio Consolo – Farrago
Lucio Consolo, Agustín Buaon – Farrago
Madd Rod – Among Dust & Knobs
Mandu – Aeroscopy (Original Mix)
Mango – Skyline (Extended Mix)
Marcus Meinhardt – Good Bye – Good Boy (Original Mix)
Matías Delóngaro – Exhale (Nicolas Soria Remix)
Matthias Meyer – Saye
Matthias Meyer – System
Maze 28 & ISMAIL.M – Lost In Istanbul (Original Mix)
Monococ – Fifty Six Stairs (Original Mix)
Monococ – Heaven’s Gate (Original Mix)
Monococ – Medusa (Original Mix)
MONTA (TN) – Distance
Murman – Playing for Keeps (Original Mix)
Nairobi D – Cancún (Original Mix)
Nairobi D – Tahat (Original Mix)
Ricardo Molinari – Tripinside
Shamans – Valerian
Sharam Jey – Lost
Sistersweet – Noocnac
Skahigan – Ship of Theseus
Smorphya – That’s Right (Alternative Mix)
Smorphya – That’s Right (Original Mix)
Solomun – Kreatur der Nacht (feat. Isolation Berlin – Stimming & Johannes Brecht Remix)
Solomun – Prospect (feat. ÄTNA – Carl Craig Late Island Mix)
Solomun feat. ATNA – Prospect (Carl Craig Late Island Mix)
Solomun feat. Isolation Berlin – Kreatur der Nacht (Stimming & Johannes Brecht Remix)
Starkato – Go West
Starkato – Parasite
TEELCO – Rider 2040
TEELCO – What It Takes
Tim Enso – The Weapon (Original Mix)
Tough Love – Jacking (Extended Mix)
Varun Fernandes – Maui (Original Mix)
WhoMadeWho & Rampa – Everyday (Jennifer Cardini Remix)


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