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New Exclusive Music – 135 Tracks Сollection January 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 135 Tracks Сollection January 2022


9claws & Chinosynth – Red Eyes
Acid & Time – Lost Dreams (Alex Panchenco Remix)
Acid & Time – Lost Dreams (Seething Flow Remix)
Add-us – Zone
Alex Preda – Might Be Love (feat. Katty Heath) [Lexer Remix]
An Sinewave – Moments (Original Mix)
Another Soul – Ilusion (Original Mix)
Another Soul – Ilusion (Revenänt (MX) Remix)
Another Soul – New Era (Original Mix)
Anton Ishutin – One More Night
AquAdro – Plagoron (Original Mix)
AquAdro – Plagoron (Remains Of Silence Remix)
Ben Kim – Somebody To Love (Gorgon City Extended Remix)
Bigfett – Memories of Dark Eyes
Blindsmyth – All That Fiberglass (Original Mix)
Blindsmyth – Hack Into Your Soul
Booka Shade – Farlo May (Original Mix)
Collective Machine Feat. Syssy – My Way (Extended Mix)
Collective Machine Feat. Syssy – My Way (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
Coxenberg – Non Intellego (Leo Sagrado Remix)
Cream (PL) – Resonance (Eric Rose Remix)
Den Addel – BESSONNIZZA 6.0 Track 05
Den Addel – BESSONNIZZA 6.0 Track 11
DV1SION, Inner Motion – Belief
Eli Brown – How Do I Belong (Original Mix)
Engelhardt & Lehmann – Melodrama (Original Mix)
Engelhardt & Lehmann – Torento (Original Mix)
Envotion – Adrift (Sebastian Sellares Remix)
Eric Lune – Dreaming Home (Sebastian Sellares Remix)
Eryc Karezza – Perdita (Extended Mix)
EZEK – Black Flag (Original Mix)
EZEK – Void (Original Mix)
Fake Mood – Silent
Fake Mood – Silent (Original Mix)
FLY & Sasha Fashion – Heartbroken
Fredi Vega – Desire
Fredi Vega – Oscillations
Fredi Vega – Resistance
H.a.z.e – Samar
Houseblesser – After Life
Hugo Cantarra & Stone Van Brooken – What About You (feat. Diana Miro)
Ijan Zagorsky – Illusion
J.FIZ – Samurai’s Way (Original Mix)
Jaap Ligthart – Kein Schluss (Original Mix)
Jaap Ligthart – Swaying Trees (Original Mix)
Jaap Ligthart & Koenrahd – Bamboosa (Original Mix)
Jaap Ligthart & Saléh (NL) – Sahakara (Original Mix)
Jil Tanner – Black Hole Sun (Original Mix)
Jil Tanner – Burning (Original Mix)
Jil Tanner – Secret Space (Original Mix)
Jil Tanner – The Vision (Original Mix)
Jil Tanner – Trust The Process (Original Mix)
Joe Silva – Approaching Zero (Original Mix)
Johannes Albert – Dorschd (Original Mix)
Kazuki – Witches (CJ Art Remix)
Lara Samira – The Key (Tim van Werd Extended Version)
Local Dialect – Squaredance (Extended Mix)
Magitman – Cool Nights (Original Mix)
MANNA – Dance With Us
Marbs – Mental Gymnastics
Marbs – Minds on the Run
Marbs – Needed Time (Oscar L on a Trip Remix)
Marco Tegui – Space (Original Mix)
Marco Tegui, Yusuf Lemoné – Time (Original Mix)
Mariner + Domingo – I Don’t Want to Wait (Soulfeed Remix)
Mary Mesk – Exodus (Original Mix)
Mary Mesk, Low Disco, Siara Killer – Ovejuna (Original Mix)
Matan Caspi, Aaron Suiss – Pretty Little Smile
Mayro – Same Complaint
Maze 28 – Love Stimulator (Original Mix)
Memo Pro – Million Tears
Michael A – Fill The Void (Axel Zambrano Remix)
Michael A – Fill The Void (VA O.N.E. Remix)
Mike Spirit – Let The Beat Breath (Original Mix)
Miss Monique, The Alexsander – Hideaway (feat. Vania) [Extended Mix]
Momo Khani – Lecture (Deep by the Lake Extended Mix)
Momo Khani & Meindel Feat. Stanlei – Lecture (PARSAPI Extended Remix)
Monarke – Lost (Original Mix)
Monkey Safari – Goodbye (Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Remix)
Monolink – Fidale (I Feel) (Extended Vocal Version)
Monostone – Stones (Extended Mix)
Monostone – Touch (Extended Mix)
Mustafa Ismaeel – Hindsight (Original Mix)
Mustafa Ismaeel – Messing Around (Original Mix)
Mustafa Ismaeel – Right Here (Original Mix)
Mustafa Ismaeel, Hoomance – Darkest Love (Original Mix)
Nayio Bitz – Dreaming Two (Vocal Mix)
Netam & Muaz Ceyhan – Pervaz (Original Mix)
Nick Devon, Monarke – Obscure
Nico de Andrea & Euphonik & Denitia – Let You Go (Notre Dame Remix)
Nikolina (LDN) Feat. Andréa Ararê – Moontime (Original Mix)
Nikolina (LDN) Feat. Andréa Ararê – Moontime (Yulia Niko Remix)
Ocean of Emotion – Bliss (Original Mix)
Ocean of Emotion – Curiosity (Original Mix)
Ocean of Emotion – Vocations (Original Mix)
okuma – Urmel (Original Mix)
Oprak – Don’t Wanna Go Home (Extended Mix)
P.E.U – Flow Connections (Original Mix)
P.E.U – Spell (Original Mix)
Paul Oakenfold – Touch Me
Popof – Serenity (NTO Remix)
Popof – Serenity (Oxia Remix)
Purple Disco Machine feat. Sophie and the Giants – In The Dark (Francesco Palla Bootleg Remix)
Rafael Cerato – Modulation (Original Mix)
Rafael Cerato, Marc DePulse – Cocobolo (Original Mix)
Razzer – Electronic Cloud (Original Mix)
Room47 – Pigments (Original Mix)
Sascha Dive – Facing Your Demons (Original Mix)
Sascha Dive – Lost My Inside (Original Mix)
Sascha Dive – My Life (Original Mix)
Schoonebeek & Aestie – Raum & Zeit (Extended)
Sean David – All In Your Mind (Original Mix)
Sean David – All In Your Mind (VetLove & Mike Drozdov Remix)
Sebjak – Aguacero (Original Mix)
Sebjak – Vieux (Original Mix)
Serra 9 – Rain feat. Phoebe Tsen (Extended Mix)
Soul Button, Grammik – Junction
Spartaque & Ramiro Lopez – Egypt
Toxism – Into The Light
Vito Raisi, Squeeze Dj – Bus Slow (Original Mix)
Vito Raisi, Squeeze Dj – Give Me Your Love
Xiasou, Contribute Translation, Hernán Torres – Monologue (Aeroscape & Yas.N Remix)
Xiasou, Contribute Translation, Hernán Torres – Monologue (Blufeld Remix)
Xiasou, Contribute Translation, Hernán Torres – Monologue (Difstate Remix)
Zy Khan – Sky Is Alight (Extended Mix)


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