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New Exclusive Music – 150 Tracks Сollection November 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 150 Tracks Сollection November 2022


A-ta, Thousand Fingers – Amygdala (Alternative Version)
ANITA BO – Emotions
Asonante – Monzon (Original Mix)
Aston Alba – Daedalus
Aston Alba – Icarus
Aston Alba – Minos
Avis Vox – Under Water
Black Accord – Ah bon
Bondarev & Forty Cats – Collider
Bondarev & Forty Cats – Collider (Da Luka Remix)
Bondarev & Forty Cats – Collider (Tonaco Remix)
Carbon – Deep Down (OneShot Remix)
Carbon – Total Control (Lampe Remix)
Carbon & Aves Volare – The Fire in Me (Khainz Remix)
Carlita, Alex Metric & DJ Tennis – Cinecitta (Original Version)
Daddy Issues – Alterados
Dandara, Reza Safinia – Shadow of Creation
Dani Borges – Heart in a Bottle
Daniele Di Martino – Mercury
Darknezz – Beautiful Things (Original Mix)
Darknezz – Snow (Original Mix)
Different Ray – Echoes
Different Ray – Echoes (Pablo Bolivar Remix)
Different Ray – Odyssey
Different Ray – Odyssey (Love Over Entropy Remix)
DJ Arturo – Eyes Of Eternity (Original Mix)
DMITRY SID – Uncertain Future
Domingo + & Loveclub, Maxxim – Mystique (Extended Mix)
Dulus – Follow Me (Original Mix)
Evgeniy Nuzhnov – Eublefar
Fabian Krooss & Deckert – Alto
Fher Vizzuett – Blessed (Original Mix)
Flemming Bassedow – Dasyatis (Original Mix)
Flemming Bassedow – Prokyon (Original Mix)
Flemming Bassedow – Tramuntana (Original Mix)
Fur Coat – Missing Link
Gai Barone – Boca (Extended Mix)
Gaidukova – Laser Boy
Germán Case – Colloquium (Original Mix)
Germán Case – Rainforest Walk (Original Mix)
Grigoré – &101Reasons (Extended Mix)
Grigoré – Hyperreal (Extended Mix)
Grigoré – Metaphysical Transition (Extended Mix)
Grigoré feat. Lewyn – Fiction (Break Bad) (Chill Mix)
Grigoré feat. Lewyn – Fiction (Break Bad) (Extended Mix)
Groove Shack – Beyond Us
Gutenn – On Time (Original Mix)
Gutenn – Varahi (Original Mix)
Hidden Empire – Purple Clouds
Into the Ether – I Do (Extended Mix)
J_ulio – Ghost Answer (Original Mix)
Jeremy Olander – Graincluster
Jeremy Olander – Silius
Jeremy Olander – Silius (Alfa Romero Remix)
Jiggler – Infinity
Jobe – Against The Wall (Original Mix)
Jobe – Human Extinction (Original Mix)
Jobe – Keep Your Word (Original Mix)
Jobe – Other Worlds (Original Mix)
Kellerkind & Anthik – Point of View
Kjaer – Above the Sky
Kjaer – Brave Heroine
Kjaer – Dark Sky
Kjaer – Fallen Angel
Kjaer – In My Mind
Kjaer – Last Tears
Kjaer – Medulin
Kjaer – You Touch Me
Klangkarussell – I Feel Fine (Möwe Remix) – Extended
Lane 8 feat. Channy Leaneagh – I’ll Wait (Le Youth Extended Remix)
Local Dialect – Styx
Luke Coulson, Eli & Dani, Adam Sellouk – Restless feat. Luke Coulson (Extended Mix)
Maksim Dark – Bassoline (Original Mix)
Maksim Dark – Bassoline (PROGroyal Remix)
Malandra Jr. – Age of Mind
Marc MG – I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love (feat. Veronica Gali)
Martin Badder – You Give Me (Da Fresh Remix)
Martin Badder – You Give Me (Original Mix)
Martin Waslewski – Nrgy (Extended Mix)
Matador & Meduza Feat. Artche – Just A Feeling (Original Mix)
Matt Fax – Halcyon (Extended Mix)
Matt Fax – Mirage (Extended Mix)
Max Buschfeld – To Kill a Sunrise
Miss Monique & Asher Swissa Feat. Sandhaus – Electric (Extended Mix)
Moritz – Midnight Soul
Morttagua – The Cabal
Mr Morek – Beyond Lines
Mr Morek – Let’s Go
Mr Morek – Massive Landing
Mr Morek – Massive Landing (Notre Dame Remix)
Mr Morek – Murky Waters
Mundo D – Hall of Stars (Original Mix)
Mundo D – Look Behind (Original Mix)
Nelsen Grover – Heart
Nopopstar – Drop That Shit
Oësha – Bombora (Extended Mix)
Packim – Feel the Air (Glowal Remix)
Packim – Feel the Air (Original Mix)
Packim – Feel the Air (Pergola Remix)
Pongo – Get It Now
Puff (ITA) – Daytona
Restless – Das Madchen Am Zaun (Original Mix)
Restless – Herzstuck (Original Mix)
Restless – Raindrop (Original Mix)
Restless – Summer Breath (Original Mix)
RIKO & GUGGA – New Eden (Extended Mix)
Ron Flatter – Nevataz (1979 Remix)
Ron Flatter – Nevataz (Cliff De Zoete Remix)
Ron Flatter – Priscus (Philip Auster & Bumppo Remix)
Ron Flatter – Ronaparde (Aalson Remix)
Rose Ringed – Never Stop
Ruben Karapetyan – Aphrodite
Ruben Karapetyan – Aphrodite (Anton MAKe Remix)
Ruben Karapetyan – Aphrodite (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix)
Samer Soltan – Brussels
Samer Soltan – Eternity
Samer Soltan – Stay With Me
Samwell (LU) – Conscious (Original Mix)
Samwell (LU) – Oblivion (Original Mix)
Santiago Garcia – Nanana
Santiago Garcia & UNDERHER – Still Can’t Find You
Sebastian Busto – Chaos Theory
Sebastian Busto – Chaos Theory (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
Sebastian Busto – Sanctuary
Sebastian Busto – Sanctuary (Andres Moris Remix)
Serge Landar – Angels (Original Mix)
Serge Landar – Illuminations (Original Mix)
Shamanti – Lilu
ShaSha – Purple Shades (Assem Remix)
ShaSha – Purple Shades (Original Mix)
ShaSha – Purple Shades (Saqib Remix)
ShaSha – Remembering (Original Mix)
ShaSha – Remembering (Timboletti Remix)
Sonimun – Pegasus Jam (Disco Edit)
Stephen K Cal – Falling Apart (Ranj Kaler Remix)
Stephen K Cal – Higher Fire Engine (Mick Whitehouse Remix)
Stephen K Cal – Horizon Zero (Konomo Remix)
Sylvain Le Kick – Night Mood
Tash & Movement Machina – Odyssey
Tash & Movement Machina – Odyssey (Tash’s Retouch)
The Deepshakerz – One Night
The Journey & Ivan Gough – Sorcerer
Trey Mirror feat. Henry Green – Water (Farves Extended Remix)
Victor Pilava & Annabell Kowalski – Awake (Deniz Kabu Remix)
Wailey – Complex Life
Wailey – Salvage
Yubik – Cosmic Renaissance (Original Mix)
Yubik – Delusions Are Inexhaustible (Original Mix)
Yubik – Initial Breakdown (Original Mix)
Yubik – Monaco Di Baviera (Original Mix)


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