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New Exclusive Music – 204 Tracks Сollection May 2023 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 204 Tracks Сollection May 2023


a.l.f – Day Dreamer (Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond – 500 (Extended Mix)
Abuk – Taif
Ae:ther – Merlino (Original Mix)
Affkt & Brigado Crew – Metaperverse
Affkt, Brigado Crew – Metaperverse (Original Mix)
Alex Vanni – Iron Mask (Extended Mix)
Alexey Union, Darknezz – Kedah
Ali Bakgor, Dsnt Matter, Lewyn – Ghost Love (Extended Mix)
Amir Telem – Embrace the Pain
Amir Telem – Embrace the Pain (Smalltown Collective Remix)
Anderson (SE) – Agape
Anderson (SE) – Agape (Pashaa Remix)
Andrey Exx – I Need To Know
Andrey EXX – I Need To Know (Dub Mix)
Arqade – Analogue Sky
Atalaia – Ambient Elephants
Atalaia – I Can See the Light in Your Eyes
Atarakt – Apotheosys X3
Atarakt – Astral
Audio State (RO) – Step into My Mind
Berndt Bechstein – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Daniel Jaeger Remix)
Berndt Bechstein – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Original Mix)
Bigëo – Made in 1992
Black Venus, Aaron Suiss – Magia
Bonafique – Where Is Dudu
Bookash – Skylines
Brigado Crew, AFFKT – Comeback (Guzy Remix)
Brigado Crew, AFFKT – Comeback (Original Mix)
Butterflies on Mars – All We Lost
Butterflies on Mars – Hold On
Capa (Official) – Pulsar (Extended Mix)
Casino Times – Cannonball (Original Mix)
Chambord, Roze (FR) – Fortune Teller (Original Mix)
Chambord, Roze (FR) – Fortune Teller (Valentin Huedo Remix)
Chambord, Roze (FR) – Merlin Diviner (Dandara Remix)
Chambord, Roze (FR) – Merlin Diviner (Original Mix)
Chambord, Roze (FR) – The Alchemist (Original Mix)
Chambord, Roze (FR) – The Alchemist (Wahm Psyched Remix)
Clarks – Rivièra (Extended Mix)
Cosmosolar – Acid Mantra (Original Mix)
Cosmosolar – Acid Mantra (Zaratustra Remix)
Cosmosolar – Ruda (Original Mix)
Cosmosolar – Ruda (Valen Gonzalez Remix)
Cyberx – Driving Forces (Original Mix)
Cyberx – Kinetic Energy (Original Mix)
Cyberx – Triology (Original Mix)
Darksidevinyl & Rancido – Omega
Darryl Gaulbert – Beyond Limits (Original Mix)
DECIDUOUS – Ascension
Meyer (ofc) – Deep State (Extended Mix)
Dennis Sheperd, Koni Blank – Majestic (Extended Mix)
Der Effekt – Melody In The Night (Original Mix)
Derun @behnamdeephouse – Yadi Kule (Re-Imagined by Satori)
DJ Danzik – Deeper in the Dark
Dok & Martin, York Aner – Suggestive
Donz, Alber Ensso – Lost (Instrumental Mix)
Donz, Alber Ensso – Lost (Original Mix)
Drumsauw – Pain
Dylhen – Afterhours (Extended Mix)
EDX – Renascence (Extended Mix)
Ekis Ekis – Jaws of the Nile
Evelynka – Falling (Joone Remix)
Evelynka – Falling (Original Mix)
F.A.R – Khokana
F.A.R – Khokana (Jenya Miller Remix)
F.A.R – Khokana (Nedisco Remix)
F.A.R – Khokana (Nopopstar Remix)
Far Distance – Iker (Original Mix)
Far Distance – Never Alone (Original Mix)
Faraday (Ita) – Capricorn Rising
Faraday (Ita) – Earth Sign
Faraday (Ita) & Vanita – Capricorn Rising (Vanita Remix)
FiveP – Hybrid
FiveP – Life Core
FiveP – Mechanism Of Life
FiveP – Node
Frannz – Fantasia
Georg Arnim – What´s That Sound
Giorgio Vergani – Violin Acid
Glau Da Goes – Follow You
Glau Da Goes – Hot Block
Glenn Morrison – Goa (Live Modular Mix)
Glenn Morrison – Goa (Minimal Mix)
Glowal – Eagles
Glowal – Eagles (Brina Knauss Remix)
Hamoon, LERM (HU) – From Memory
Hannes Bieger, Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone – Reflections
Home Shell, Olven – Paphos (Keistep Remix)
Ian O’Donovan – Noughties By Nature
Ian O’Donovan – Slingshot
Ian O’Donovan – Solas
Ismael Rivas – Limbo
Ismael Rivas – Momentum
Iván Tufiño – Gray City
Iván Tufiño – Midnight Delerium
Ivox Garcia & Julio Suberviola – Our House
Jaksa Pavicevic – High Fiasco
James Harcourt – Puppeteer
James Harcourt – Refraction
James Harcourt – Refraction (Mark Beseliya, Marcelo Ignacio Remix)
James Harcourt – Subdominant
Jan Oberlaender, Bartos – Break The Stone (Original Mix)
JES – Heartbreaker (Extended Mix)
Jordan Arts – Waiting (Hannes Bieger Remix)
Joseph Ray – Blue Nights
Just Her & Smash TV – All I See Is Us
Khainz – Elevation (Original Mix)
Khainz – The Drift (Original Mix)
Kosa Records – Aquatic
Kosa Records – Aquatic (Transcenic Remix)
Kosa Records – Team Bliss
Kreisler – I’m Falling
Kreisler, RMNY – I’m Falling
Krypta, Yanacone – Hear the Words Sounds
Krypta, Yanacone – Non Stop
LERM (HU) – Eye of the Beholder (Abuk Remix)
LERM (HU) – Rarest Flower (Last Men On Earth Acid Remix)
Lindja, Lewyn – Everything Changes But Us
Lindja, Lewyn – Everything Changes But Us (Leossa Remix)
Lueking – Molten Mirrors
Lueking, Georg Arnim – Overdose
M.R.E. – Destination Planet Dream
M.R.E. – Sunday Afternoon Boller
Made By Pete – Horizon Red (Black Coffee Remix) (feat. Zoe Kypri)
Marc van Linden, Symmetic & Nedrok – Panorama (Extended Mix)
Marcus Santoro feat. Darla Jade – Hit & Run (Extended Mix)
Mayro – Evolutionary Ritual
Mayro – Kind of Music
Meyer (ofc) – Deep State (Extended Mix)
Michael Mayer & Barnt – Duration
Michael Mayer & Barnt – Teller
Mitch De Klein – Divergence (Extended Mix)
Moritz Sachse – Artefact
Murat Uncuoglu – Towards Silence
Muudu – All Rivers Are Connected (Original Mix)
Muudu – Liquid Pavement (Original Mix)
Muudu – Rollin’ (Original Mix)
Nightblades – Moonlight
Noise Not War – Floating Thunder
Nooney – Coco Mademoiselle
Nora En Pure – Sycamore (Extended Mix)
Open Minded (FR), Dekeyz – Spiritual Land (Extended Mix)
OverSky – Eternal
Pablo Say – Off Time
Passenger 10 – The Dark Sun
Pinto. – On & On
Product Of Us – Dame Tu Amor (Extended Mix)
Product Of Us – Persiguiendo (Extended Mix)
Psydeepmusic channel – Too Late
Rianu Keevs – Shift To Phase
Rudydadj – Everywhere
Rudydadj – Izwi
Salvo Migliorini – Arapahoe 2 (Nuur Remix)
Sam Farsio – De la Casa
Saqib – Oscillator One
Shadow Child – Warehouse Anthem (Polymod Remix)
Siege – Rhymes (Extended Mix)
Space Food – Cycle Twice (Jobe Remix)
Squire – Disco Astronaut (Original mix)
Squire – In The Wave (Original mix)
Squire – Virtual Modernity (Original mix)
Squire – Virtual Modernity (Lehar remix)
Stashion – African Moods (Original Mix)
Stelarik – Fenris (DanEP Remix)
Stelarik – Fenris (Extended Mix)
Stelarik – Harpyie
Stelarik – Harpyie (Michael A Remix)
Stelios Vassiloudis & Just Her – Weightless
Strobetek – Atom
Strobetek – Orbital
Syntouch & Divaiz pres. Syndicate – Betelgueuse (Derek Palmer Remix)
T.ME/RadioChet – Billie Eilish – Not My Responsibility (Legroni Remix)
T.ME/RadioChet – Qbeck, Xenia Beliayeva – Like A Dream
Thedtry – Linen
Thedtry – We Love Atins
Timo Maas – Yume No Yōna
Timo Maas – Yume No Yōna (Dub Mix)
Timo Maas – Yume No Yōna (Synthapella)
Tom Budin & Needs No Sleep – She Wanna Dance (Extended Mix)
Tomper – Flensola
Tomper – Robotic
Tomper & Nukad – Tara
ÜNAM – Presence
ÜNAM – Presence (MiRET Remix)
ÜNAM – Presence (Piccaya Remix)
Upercent – Parlem (Original Mix)
US Two – Hollistic
US Two – Phil Like This
Vakabular – Proper Time
Vakabular – Proper Time (Extended)
Van Yorge – Ask Me To Stay (Extended Mix)
VIBE BESIDE – LSD (Original Mix)
Yannek Maunz, Johanson – Robo Strobo (Original Mix)


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