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New Exclusive Music – 206 Tracks Сollection August 2023 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 206 Tracks Сollection August 2023


Above The Scheme – Let Me Start Again
Adion – Closer (Original Mix)
Alex Grafton – Day By Day
Amarcord – The Break (Original Mix)
ANITA BO – Your Life (Extended Mix)
Astropilot & Tenet Audio – Echoes of Tomorrow (Original Mix)
Astropilot & Tenet Audio – Higher (Original Mix)
Avar Garden – Luminance (Original Mix)
AVEM – Azure (Original Mix)
Avis Vox – Back Me My Freedom (Extended Mix)
Awaken Mind – It’s in My Blood
Azul, Lucio Consolo & Agustin Buaon – Cenit (Original Mix)
Æłënts – Entropy
Æłënts – Noah
Æłënts – Noah (Alessio Pennati Remix)
Baud – Tancredi
Baud – Taromine
Ben Singular – Anxiety (Original Mix)
Bizzare – Destined to Meet (Original Mix)
Boom Jinx & Nitrous Oxide – Naga Viper (Extended Mix)
Cary Crank – Coldfire
Cathal x Tatta – Universal Frequencies (Original Mix)
Cetratelli – Infinity (Original Mix)
Clawz SG – Whispering (Original Mix)
Costæd – On the Floor
Cybek – Moody (Original Mix)
Daijan – I.W.Y.I.N.Y.
Daijan – Show Me Love
Decoder (EG) – Tension (Original Mix)
Dee Montero – Aquila (Extended Mix)
Dee Montero – Serenata (Extended Mix)
Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Stone Van Brooken & Pete K Extended Remix)
Dj Mane – Outside
Emanuel Satie, Maga, Sean Doron, Tim Engelhardt – Resilience (Original Mix)
Emanuel Satie, Maga, Sean Doron, Tim Engelhardt – Rise (Original Mix)
Errio Indra – AE (Original Mix)
Etonika – Cupid’s Arrow
Fernandez – Don’t Say
Fernandez, No Day After – Don’t Say (Extended Mix)
Fidan – My Love (Original Mix)
Fideles – Waterfall (Extended Mix)
FiNE, Lizwi – The Light (Extended Mix)
fran&co – Mibu Love (Original Mix)
Gabriel Slick – Never Gone (Original Mix)
Gero Pellizzon – What I Said
Gespona, Abuk – Cynical Moment (Original Mix)
Hardwell & Space 92 – The Abyss
Hasan Ghazi & Katoff – Way Too (Original Mix)
Innessa Kuz – Point B (Extended Mix)
Innessa Kuz – Point B (Minicied Extended Remix)
Innessa Kuz – Point B (Sundrej Zohar Extended Remix)
IXA – The Day Before Tomorrow (Original Mix)
J-Neo – Sideral
James Cole, Kevin McKay – Somebody That I Used To Know (Extended Mix)
Jamie B – See Me
Jay Lumen – Ready to Rumble (Original Mix)
Jefrey Blake – Ritual (Original Mix)
Jewels, Kali Mija & LE YORA – Lua (Original Mix)
Jiminy Hop – Breakeform
Jiminy Hop – Coruto
Jody Barr – A Burning Memory (Original Mix)
John Keding – Evolution Revolution (Original Mix)
Kawz & Lowdelic – Parracho (Original Mix)
Kevin Yost – We Are Not Machines (Original Mix)
Kimshies – The Hours (Original Mix)
Klangwolken – Take My Hand (Original Mix)
Klubbheads – Kickin’ Hard (BLR Extended Mix)
Kogut – All Night (Original Mix)
Kovax – Parabula
Kris O’Neil – Speelplaats (Extended Mix)
LATYSHEV (UA) – Spirit of Time (Dub Mix)
LATYSHEV (UA) – Synthesis (Extended Mix)
LATYSHEV (UA) feat. LEILALU – Spirit of Time (Extended Mix)
Local Suicide – In Space We Roam
Lukas Manjaro – Constellations (Original Mix)
Maori, Adam Ten – NCO (Extended Mix)
Marc MG – Euphoria
Martin HERRS – Forgotten (Original Mix)
Matt Jenks – Take Me Up (Original Mix)
Mendexx – Paradox (Original Mix)
Mike Griego – Antidote (Original Mix)
Mike Griego – Metamorphosis (Original Mix)
Mike Griego – Robobass (Original Mix)
Miklavcic – Sick (Original Mix)
Milad Ash – Foolish Return (Extended Mix)
Milad Ash – Green Walls (Extended Mix)
Mironas – Damage Control (Original Mix)
Mishell – Autumn (Original Mix)
Mishell – Guilty Pleasure (Original Mix)
Monado – Rambo
Morgi – Back in 1995
8.02 – My Mind
NAASA – Dark Mirror
Nihil Young & Luke Coulson – Better Off (Extended Mix)
Normtone – My Vision
OM.EL BEAT – No More Pressure
Paige – Pretend (Extended Mix)
Palu & Neuroniohm & Barroca – Fogo Fátuo (Original Mix)
Pammin – The Breath (Original Mix)
Pammin – Transient (Original Mix)
Panthera Krause – Cellular Automata (Original Mix)
Rafael Cerato, Annama – You’ve Been My Hell (Original Mix)
Rafael Osmo – Solar (Original Mix)
REJ – Diocese (Original Mix)
REJ – Listen To Me (Original Mix)
REJ – Majik (Original Mix)
René Diehl – Feather (Original Mix)
René Diehl – Quartz (Original Mix)
Rianu Keevs – Lullaby for a Champion (Original Mix)
Rimbu(CH) – Lagé’i (Original Mix)
Robert Miles – Children (Lose Control)
Sahalé – Djiin (Original Mix)
Saive & Kleiber – Without You (Original Mix)
Savvas – Sweven (Original Mix)
Schwarz & Funk & Melon Monkey Club – Sugar Flash (Extended Version)
Sensitive (It) – Before The Storm (Original Mix)
Serval (AR) – Rebirth
Shunus & Nomad Saleh feat. Menna Hussein – Sokoon (Madd Rod Remix)
Shunus & Nomad Saleh feat. Menna Hussein – Sokoon (Xia Ke Remix)
SkyEye – Field of Emotions (Extended Mix)
Soul Button – Circadian Rhythm (Hraach Remix)
Soul Button & Mashk – Pensees (Original Mix)
Stan Kolev – Lila
SteeVitt – You Got Me
Stefan Thomas – Clarence Is Alive (Extended Mix)
Tamas Skafar – Farewell Gift (Original Mix)
Tenderheart – Divinity (Soul Button Remix)
Thomas Beyer – Stars High Above
Tolex – Tectonics (Original Mix)
Touch & Go – One love (Original)
Trance Wax – Rhythm Of The Night (Extended Mix)
Tryger – In This Dream
Ulises Espindola – Patterns (Original Track)
Ulises Espindola – Spire (Original Mix)
Uwe Thoma – Big Boss Killer Track (Original Mix)
Uzun – Stranger
Van Moog – A fire in the dark (Original Mix)
Van Moog – Last Lord (Original Mix)
VIRKING – Brizonation (Original Mix)
Vito Raisi – Moon Light
Vito Raisi – Taca Tiki
Wydji – Call of Ekodust
You Are My Salvation – Desolated (Enlusion’s Old Harbour Remix)
YU-1 – Destination
Yumho, Konvex & The Shadow, Azzur – Never Without Us (Original Mix)
Zombies In Miami – Fiction (Original Mix)


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