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New Exclusive Music – 235 Tracks Сollection June 2023 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 235 Tracks Сollection June 2023


AANN – Momentum (Original Mix)
Add-us – Falling Lights (Original Mix)
Add-us – Grow Your Mind (Original Mix)
Alex Efe – Lagomar (Original Mix)
Alex Efe – Voices of Orion (Original Mix)
Alex Efe – Voices of Orion (Yudi Watanabe Remix)
Alex Pich – Night Sky (Extended Mix)
Alfy D – Limerencia
AnDe Trois & MODUL 04 – Dog Anxiety
Ann Clue – Six For Gold (Extended Mix)
Anturage – Singapore
APHE – Nakoruru (Original Mix)
APHE – Step Into (Original Mix)
Apsara – Kagerou (Original Mix)
Argia – Gala
Artis Gato – Green Position
Artis Gato – Kauai Moho
Artis Gato – Stay With Me
Arude – Impressor
Arude – Rhyme
Assem – Rumble
AVIRA – Out Of Context (Extended Mix)
Avis Vox – Inspirer (Extended Mix)
Awaken Mind – My Focus Is You
Axel Karakasis – Handmade Circus (Original Mix)
Ben Deeper – Renaissance
Biljana Pais, Latteo – Eyes Talk (Original Mix)
Blake Light, Delta Vaults – Purgatorio (Extended Mix)
Bleu Clair – In My Mind (Original Mix)
Bunnkid – Storms Loud
Bvaltik – To The Sunrise
CamelPhat & Max Milner – Hope (Extended Mix)
CJ Peeton – Fundamentals (Original Mix)
Come Closer – Don’t Let Me Go (Original Mix)
Conceptionic – Leitmotiv
Conceptionic – Taming Myself
Cristian Caro – Grooving High
Cristian Caro – Interstellar Trip
Damienn – Downtown Angeles (Original Mix)
Damienn – Downtown Angeles (V.M. Gunn Remix)
Dennis Sheperd x York x Iris – The Fall (Extended Mix)
dillmann&schauer – Datenleck (Original Mix)
Dima Warp – Lunar Eclipse
dishich – Story of Odyssey
Dj M1cko – Bergen (Original Mix)
DMITRY SID – Underground
dop, Ivan Dorn – UP THE BOOHAI (ARK Remix)
dop, Ivan Dorn – UP THE BOOHHAI (Claude VonStroke Remix)
Doyeq – Hadza in Moscow
Doyeq – Now in somare bed
Doyeq – White
Drelirium – Another Place
Drelirium – Horizonte
Eleonora – Not Here
Elle Vee, GXD – Sail (Ocata Extended Remix)
Emitr – Homologic
Emitr – Timeless Dice
Emrah Balkan – Crazy Field
Engelbert, Luke van Veen – Hart Loopt Over
Engelbert, Luke van Veen – Leven
Engelbert, Luke van Veen – Leven (Whirl Remix)
Erika Krall, Indie Elephant – Vitamin (Extended Mix)
Estiva – Aquarius (Extended Mix)
Fabrice Dayan, Wielki – The Power Of Now
Factore – Like Always
Ferry Tayle – XII (TrancefamilySF Anthem) (Extended Mix)
GC System – Diva
George Feely – That Feeling (Extended Mix)
German Brigante – Sex
Gianni Luciano – Epiphania
Gianni Luciano – Epiphania (Yonsh Remix)
Granada – Seven Skies
Guimaraes – Hiroshima
Guimaraes – Runner
Gutenn – Dirty Thirty (Original Mix)
GVERRA – Indifferenza
Haddaway – What Is Love (Marksman Edit)
Harry Kaze – Next Level (Extended Mix)
Heatwave – Call Of The Void
Heerhorst, Clap Codex, Flanko – Cypher
HKA – Anyone (Extended Mix)
Hybrasil – Greystone (Original Mix)
LERM (HU) & AEMYGDALA – Internal Rhythm
Isaag – Victory
James Harcourt – Undulate (M.E.M.O. remix)
James Harcourt – Undulate (Original Mix)
James Harcourt – Vortex (Original Mix)
James Harcourt, AFFKT – Parabola (Original Mix)
Jaramillo – Celestial Origins (Original Mix)
Jaramillo – What We Are (Original Mix)
Jickow – Echoes (Original Mix)
Jickow – Escapism (Original Mix)
Jil Tanner – Free Your Mind
Joe Fisher – Pomodoro (Gridlayer Remix)
Joe Fisher – Pomodoro (Jaen Paniagua Remix)
Joeski – For So Long (Original Mix)
John Lecter – Cat
Johnny Rico – Don’t Turn Away
Jose Solano – Arabic
Jose Solano – Desert Love
Jose Solano – Kanjira
Jose Solano – Monte De Los Olivos
Jose Solano – Valle Del Nilo
JourneyDeep – Billy Kicks (Original Mix)
Juan Carlos B – Fallin’
Julian Pereyra – Sol
Juren Vu – Endlos (Original Mix)
Kaysin, Local Singles – Ayo (Original Mix)
KhoMha – Verd3 (Extended Mix)
Kinky Sound – Hyperloop (Original Mix)
Kinky Sound – Hyperloop (Theus Mago Remix)
Kinky Sound – Spectre (Day Version)
Kinky Sound – Yellow 911 (Original Mix)
Klangphonics – Laminar (Moonbootica Remix)
Klunsh – Armagnac
Klunsh – Morrison Thale
Komilev – Genesis (Original Mix)
Komilev – Rolling (Original Mix)
Kovax – Aritmia
Kovax – The Woman
Labuke – Going Back
Lansky – Love of Yesterday (Original Mix)
Lansky – Origins (Original Mix)
Lena Storm – Acid Talks
Lena Storm – Sententia
LERM (HU) & AEMYGDALA – Internal Rhythm
Levantine – Victims of Love
Lex Ludlow – Ceylon Devil Dancer (Original Mix)
Lex Ludlow – Into The Horizon (Original Mix)
Lex Ludlow – Piranha (Original Mix)
Losless – Across Evidence
low& – Muritz
Luker – The Sense
Luygi de Paula, Alledo – The Dreams Never Sleeps – Have You Ever
Marco Bedini – Skrills
Mark Otame – Confused (Original Mix)
Mark Otame – Timeless (Original Mix)
MARTIN TELEMANN – Ryder (Original Mix)
Matteo Bruscagin, Starving Yet Full, Awill – Fire (Sharam Jey, Bakka (BR) Remix)
Matteo Bruscagin, Starving Yet Full, Awill – Fire (Squire Remix)
Mavra – Machine (Original Mix)
Max Styler, Jem Cooke – Lose Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Meloko, LKF Project – Simple Child feat. Rondo Mo (Original Mix)
Merdem – Connected
Middix – Call Me Intro
Mindo – We Are (Gate13 Extended Remix)
Mindo – We Are (Original Vocal Mix) v
Mindo – We Are (ReCorpo Extended Remix)
Mindo – We Are (Sistersweet Extended Remix)
Mistay – Pupila
MNDC – Don’t Even Exist
Moonwalk, Alessio Cristiano – Butterfly (Extended Mix)
Motip White – Clean the Turbines (Original Mix)
Motip White – What Do You Want Me to Say (Original Mix)
Neelix, Caroline Harrison – There Was A Time (Ghost Rider Remix)
Nick Tave – Matrix
Nico de Andrea x Eli & Fur – Start The Fire (Extended Mix)
Nopopstar – I’m a Take Your Wife
Nursultan Kun – Loneliness (Extended Mix)
Nursultan Kun – Saturn (Extended Mix)
ODYSSAY – Running
ODYSSAY – Running (Greenjack Remix)
OEL-Z – Caps Lock (Original Mix)
OEL-Z – Tdah (Original Mix)
Peter Trizor – Amazon (Original Mix)
Peter Voko – Empty Space (Extended Mix)
Peter Voko – Trancendence (Extended Mix), Jim Hickey, SANREY – Won’t Say (Fiona Kraft Remix)
Renhet & Themis Georgoudis – Abyss
Rich Venom – Eye of the Storm (Original Mix)
Rich Venom – Ovidius (Original Mix)
rick pier o’neil – The D-Train
Ritchie Haydn – Destination
Robotic Dub – Marlon
Rokazer – Despair
Rokazer – Perspective
Ryz’ – Otium
Ryz’ – Shifter
Ryz’ – Valto
S.ONE – Mysterious Voice (Original Mix)
SAHAB – Vitus (Original Mix)
Saint Lanvain – This Is War
Sander & Radoo – Dracula Love (Local Suicide & T.Raumschmiere Remix)
Sander & Radoo – Dracula Love
Sander & Radoo – Hit Me!
SANTIABLO feat. Junta – Out of Time (Original Mix)
SANTIABLO feat. Junta – Out of Time (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
Sascha Braemer – High Spirited (Original Mix)
Sascha Braemer – Tetra Wall (Original Mix)
Sascha Braemer – Tetra Wall (Shiffer Remix)
SAVILL – Autumn Dreams
Schlepp Geist, SOUNDQ – Odessa (Original Mix)
Serge Bosin – Oraculum
Serge Bosin – Satellite
Sergio Avila – Outspace (Aradya Remix)
Sergio Avila – Outspace (Original Mix)
Sevenn & Asher Swissa – The Pulse Of The Machine (Extended Mix)
Silver Panda, Meyer (ofc) – Freedom (Extended Mix)
Skala – The Poet
Solanca, Yannek Maunz, Ivy Purple – Eye of the Storm (Revisited)
Spektrx – Judgment
Starving Yet Full, Matteo Bruscagin, Awill – Fire
Starving Yet Full, Matteo Bruscagin, Awill – Fire (Sharam Jey, Bakka (BR) Remix)
Starving Yet Full, Matteo Bruscagin, Awill – Fire (Squire Remix)
Stefan Hollaender – Endless Story
Stubborn Saint – Fade Away (Original Mix)
Third ≡ Party – Keep On Loving You (Extended Mix)
Tim Enso – Circle of Life
TIMANTI, Just Her – Other Side (Extended Version)
Tony Romera, Crusy – Attracted (Extended Mix)
TPSY – Liberta’ (Julian Wassermann Remix)
TPSY – Liberta’ (Original Mix)
TPSY – Our Deepest Fear (Original Mix)
TPSY – We Become (Original Mix)
Trikk – Pandemonio (Or:la Remix)
Trikk, Gabriel Massan – Mata Mata (Roman Flügel Remix)
Trikk, Gabriel Massan – Mata Mata (Working Men’s Club Remix)
Ultra Naté – Free (Hugo Cantarra, OMEM & RENO Remix)
Urmet K – At the Blue Sea
Viggore – Sinta
Yves V, Sem Thomasson – Sound Of A Beating Heart (Extended Mix)
Zac – Keep on Fallin’ (Extended Mix)
Zacharian – The Awakening
Zafer Atabey – Fearless (Phoenix Movement Remix)
Zuccasam – Show Me


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