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New Exclusive Music – 61 Tracks Сollection August 2022 (

New Exclusive Music – 61 Tracks Сollection August 2022


Aaron Suiss & Mayro – Ride
Aaron Suiss & Mayro – What You Believe
Add-us – Little Things
Add-us – Your Only
Airbas – The Only Reason
Airbas – The Only Reason (Paul Daze Remix)
Airbas – The Only Reason (ReCorpo Remix)
David Bitton – Punjab (original)
Denney & Dean Mickoski – The Chant (Extended Mix)
Denney & Dean Mickoski feat. Celeda – Take Flight feat. Celeda (Extended Mix)
Di Saronno – I’m An House Gigolo’
Di Saronno & Hector Moralez – Another Day In The Street
Di Saronno & Hector Moralez – I Think We Got It
Ed Ed feat. JJ Dawson – Higher Than Me (Extended Mix)
Evelynka – Heartstrings (Sascha Braemer Remix)
Fidan – Distant (Original Mix)
Fidan – Good Girl (Original Mix)
Fløa – Fate (Extended Mix)
Gux Jimenez & Juan Pablo Torrez – Coming Home (Extended Mix)
Hasan Ghazi – Keep on Movin (Original Mix)
Heard Right – Black Clouds (Extended Mix)
IndianSoul – Ahte
Ismail.M & Redspace – Dungeon Secrets
Ismail.M & Redspace – Prisoner
Ismail.M & Redspace – Rethinking
Joplyn – REMIND ME
Juan Sapia – Balloon (Extended Mix)
Layton Giordani – Digital Age
Layton Giordani – UFOs & LFOs
Luccio – Give Me a Reason (Extended Vocal Mix)
Marco Lys & Tube & Berger – Starter (Extended Mix)
Mau P – Drugs From Amsterdam
Maxthor – Colony (Original Mix)
Mike Kerrigan & N808 – Penguin Hit Squad
Milkwish – Light in the Night (Extended Mix)
Modera – Angel’s Envy (Extended Mix)
Modera – Take Me (Extended Mix)
Mzade – Lost Parallel
Oliver Poll – Desert Dance (Original Mix)
Oliver Poll – Sid of Power (Original Mix)
Paul Thomas & Dylhen – Cosmos (Jackarta Extended Remix)
Perry Farrell – Mend (Tim Green Remix)
RSquared – Hey You
RSquared – THCR
Rûh (SE) – A Bubbles Dream
Rûh (SE) – A Bubbles Dream (Dio S Remix)
Rûh (SE) – A Bubbles Dream (Monojoke Remix)
Rûh (SE) – A Bubbles Dream (Ricardo Angeles Remix)
SAINT – Matador (Extended Mix)
Sanoi & Beacon Bloom – Club Jesus (Extended Mix)
Sean & Dee with JOSEFINA – Stand With You (Extended Mix)
Stan Kolev & Paul Thomas – Revelations (Fuenka Extended Mix)
Trilucid – Cheyenne (Extended Mix)
Van Dope – Hummingbird (Extended Mix)
Volans & Mango – Sidereal (Paul Thomas Extended Remix)
Whoriskey – Boru (Extended Mix)


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