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New Exclusive Music – 85 Tracks Сollection December 2022 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 85 Tracks Сollection December 2022


Acid Arab – Ejma (The Reflex Revision)
Adam Ten – Friday Love (Original Mix)
Adam Ten – Friday Love (Xinobi Remix)
Adam Ten – Moon (Original Mix)
Adrian Font, Manzanares – Abril (Original Mix)
Adrian Font, Miquel Salla, Manzanares – Abril (Club Mix) (Original Mix)
Agents of Time feat. Audrey Janssens – Fallin (Trance Wax Remix)
Agraba – Phoenix (Basaar Remix)
Agraba – Phoenix (Bu.Di Remix)
Agraba – Phoenix (Come Closer Remix)
Agraba – Phoenix (DJ Skif & Paysage Remix)
Agraba – Phoenix (Kirill Borodulev Reprise)
Agraba – Phoenix (Original Mix)
Alexey Slim – Hypnoz
Andy Power – Crafted
Atlantis, Alar – Agony (Kinky Sound Extended Remix)
Bra Yen – Beverly Hills (Original Mix)
Catharina – Romance
Catharina – Sense
Cioz – B1
Cioz – Do It the Way You Feel
Cioz – Harakat
Cioz – Is This Real?
Cioz – Lost in Space
Cioz – Me Monkey (Mi Manchi)
Cioz – Pace E Amore
Cioz – Südpol Birgit
Cioz & Ryan Murgatroyd – Wachaka
Damian Lazarus – Start Over feat. Gorgon City feat. Leia Contois (Reboot Remix)
DRMZ – Unfolding Perspective
Dub Pepper, Jon.K – Acid Carnival
Faltas – Mindarni
Findike – Taiping
Heerhorst – Keep on Dreaming
Heerhorst – We Made It
Higgins (UK) – All That You Want (Extended Mix)
Higgins (UK) – All That You Want (Lexicon Avenue Remix)
Higgins (UK) – Anytime Now (Extended Mix)
Higgins (UK) – Anytime Now (Medway Remix)
Hugo Cantarra & Taim – What Did You Say (AVIRA Extended Remix)
Ido Morali – Mondo3000 (Original Mix)
IMGFriend – Black & Blue
Indifferent Guy – Home
ISMAIL.M, Redspace – Hey Ha (Original Mix)
ISMAIL.M, Redspace – Private Party (Original Mix)
ISMAIL.M, Redspace – Sultan (Original Mix)
Ivan Masa – Eclettico (Original Mix)
Keith Holland – Plenitude (Original Mix)
Leonid Borovyj – No Need to Know
Libelum – Darkest Love (Instrumental Mix)
Libelum – Darkest Love (Original Mix)
Libelum – Say Yes (Instrumental Mix)
Libelum – Say Yes (Original Mix)
Luan Pugliesi – King’s Head (Original Mix)
Luan Pugliesi – Oscillator Attack (Original Mix)
LuckyxLuko – Later That Evening
Martin Magal – Disco Halal (Original Mix)
Martin Magal – Disco Maniac (Original Mix)
Matara, Muli – Robo (Original Mix)
Maurice Kaar – The Eyes (Original Mix)
Miquel Salla – As You Want (Original Mix)
Miquel Salla – Were We Come From (Original Mix)
Moeaike – Back To Dance (Original Mix)
Monococ – Synchronic (Original Mix)
Numeric Space – Get Down
ODYSSAY – Unbroken (Extended Mix)
Paolo Solo – Play Again
Ramin – Brainticket (Dusty Kid Revived)
Robric – Aknuf
Ronski Speed & DJ T.H. pres. Sun Decade & Linnea Schossow – Searching In Your Soul (Extended Mix)
RUFUS DU SOL – On My Knees (Live)
Salvo Migliorini – Scents of the East
Sanct J – 1222
Sanct J – Wonderful World
shmr music – Ruhi
Steand & Andy Kulter – Alba (Orignal Mix)
Steand & Andy Kulter – Don’t Know What To Do (Orignal Mix)
Steand & Andy Kulter – Rituals (Orignal Mix)
Tarek Yamani, Anis Hachemi feat. Lynn Adib – No More Jazz (Original Mix)
Tim August – Thirty Seconds to Mars
Tom Peters – Dufa (Original Mix)
Toto Chiavetta – Prodotto Astratto (Original Tube Vox On)
Toto Chiavetta, Kelo – Next To Me (Tape Proc. Mix)
We Came – Story
Words of Niō & GAM3 feat. Jonatan Backelie – Laugh & Cry (Original Mix)


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