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T Hype Chart September 10th, 2021

Hype Chart September 10th, 2021


Adana Twins; Kraków Loves Adana – Clocks
ADDFX; Afrofunk – Luthando (DJ Chus Remix)
ADDFX, Afrofunk – Luthando
Akabu; Dave Lee – Timeline (Sean McCabe Club Rework)
Alex Peace; Brian Boncher – Street Love (Radio Mix)
Alva – The Shore (Calmos, Berzingue Remix)
Anane – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming (Dave Lee Disco Not Disco Club Instrumental)
Anané – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming (Dave Lee Disco Not Disco Club Mix)
Andre Rizo – Breathin (Sllash & Doppe Remix)
Andreas Henneberg – Failsafe
Andrey Exx; Thomas Sun – Be Free (Original Mix)
Angelo Ferreri, James Deron, Danmic’s – House Feeling Anthem (Radio Edit)
Anhanguera – Comradeship Cosmic Blues (Edit)
Antonello Ferrari; Aldo Bergamasco – Tell Me (Ferrari & Bergamasco Club Mix)
Artone, Jay-J – Back In Da Dayz (Dutchican Soul Remix)
AudioGasmic SoundZ; Decency – Backpackers
Austin Ato; Dave Giles II – Work (feat. Dave Giles II)
Austin Ato; Niles Mason – Linger (feat. Niles Mason)
Austins Groove – Take Hold
B.A.N.G! – Holding On (Next Door But One Remix)
Babert – Chicago 909
Bauuer; Nikki Belle; Harvee – Take A Little Time (Harvee Remix)
BBwhite – Disco Lights
Beat Soul – We Move
Black Circle – Inner Tension
Bless SA – Kings of Tech (Original Mix)
Bohemien – So Good
Brrak – Tears of Mine (Original Mix)
Buster MTF – Later (Camilo Do Santos Remix)
CamelPhat; Cari Golden – Temperament of the Beat
Candice Hoyes – Zoras’s Moon (Natasha Diggs Remix)
Carlos Francisco – Santa Melodia
CASSIMM, Leela D – Your Honor (Extended Mix)
CASSIMM, Richard Farrell – I’m Talking To You (feat. Richard Farrell)
Cassy – Pacemaker
CEV’s – HoneyMoon (Demarkus Lewis Remix)
Childe – Child (Crackazat Remix)
Chris Sen – Deep Sleep
Chris Stussy – Central Frenzy
Chris Stussy – Deviant Shadow
Christos Fourkis – Natura Cry
Claude VonStroke; Nala – Everything Is Burning
Cody Currie; Eliza Rose – Flame
Cropper – Straight Wylin’ (DONT BLINK Remix)
Cultured Pearl’s – Mother Earth (Hoff’s Optimistic House Edit)
Daisybelle; Tasty Lopez – Starlight (Never Dull Remix)
Daniel Barross; Laure Brender – It’s You (Radio Edit)
Daniel Orpi – Black Or White
Daniel Orpi – So Real
Dany Cohiba – Disco Ocho (Original Mix)
Dany Cohiba – Jam of Sunday (Original Mix)
Dany Cohiba – Strings from San Lorenzo
Dany Cohiba; P-Monie – Bettah Dayz (Vocal Mix)
Dave Lee, Horse Meat Disco, Angela Johnson – Dancing into the Stars (Dave Lee Super Soulful Mix)
David Morales, Mr. V – Everyday of My Life (Vocal Mix)
Davide Squillace; Matteo Spedicati – Golden Teeth (TR595)
Deebop – Promised Land
Deeper Than L; George Taylor – Stand Up
Demarkus Lewis – You Can (If You Want) (Gregory Berger Remix)
Dennis Quin; MR V – Truth Speaks (Edit)
Di Saronno, DJ Romain – Night Shift At Gardner
Di Saronno; Josoy; JollyJ; Kane Lane – Don’t Hold Back (JollyJ & Kane Lane Remix)
Diamond Dealer; Tabia – Mbali’nhle (Atmos Blaq Remix)
Diamond Dealer; Tabia – Mbali’nhle (Caiiro Remix)
Diamond Dealer; Tabia – Mbali’nhle
Diego Lima; Dmitri Saidi – Superlatino (Original Mix)
Digital Afrika; Radouan Naim – Gnawa (feat. Radouan Naim) [TEYMORI Remix]
Digital Liquid; Joseph Malik ; Beldina Odenyo – Footsteps (North Street West Vocal Remix)
Dimitri From Paris, Fiorious – Music Saved My Life (Marshall Jefferson Remix)
DiMO (BG), Mr.K (BG) – Get Down
Disclosure – Another Level
Disclosure – Never Enough
Disco Ball’z – World Wide
Disco Ball’z; Depth Phunk – Phunky Groove Thing (Original Mix)
Disco Darlings; Soul Chaser – U got Me Up
Disco Lust – I’m Old Skoll (Original Mix)
DJ Christian B – Is This Love
DJ Czezre; Eric Redd – Maybe You’d Like To Be With Me (Original Mix)
Dj Hermes – Let Me Tell You
DJ Rae – Reach
Dj Roberto Da’Silva – La Vida
DJ Spinna – In the Distance (Instrumental)
DJ Tomer; Ricardo; Tabia – Vika Dlozi (Native P. & Shredder SA Remix)
Dombrance – Taubira (Josh Ludlow Extended Mix)
Double Face; Morris Revy – Olugbe
Drenched Hearts; Asha – Black Heart (Maxinne Remix)
DuBeats – Halfway
Dylan Debut – Party Peoples
Echo Deep – Consciousness
Echo Deep – We Are One
Eelke Kleijn; Diana Miro – You (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)
Effgee – Place
Fejer – Sunlight
Felipe Fella – The System
Finest Wear – Rhythm In Space (Kostas G Remix)
Fka Mash – Ascension
Flaze – Dedicated (Original Mix)
Fletch – Kinda Want To Dance
Flowersons – In My Soul (DJ Spen Remix)
Folkness – Feel Like New
Fort Romeau – Control
Francesco Mercadante; BeDJs – Elisir (Nicola Zucchi Remix)
Franck Roger – Deeper EP
Frankie Feliciano, Terry Dexter – No Maybe (Feliciano Classic Vocal Timmy Regisford Edit)
Frankie Knuckles; Director’s Cut; Eric Kupper – The Whistle Song (Cinthie Remix)
Furious George – Can’t Go On
Gene Farris – Mr Everybody
Gilbert – Star Cycles
Gome – Fever (Of the Night)
Gregor Salto; Funkin Matt; Lilitha – Not for Me
Groovebox Masters – What U Know
Hannah Wants; Baby Luck – Whatever
Harry Romero – Night @ The Black (Phil Weeks Ghetto Dub)
Hatiras; Peter Brown – Together (Vocal Mix)
Hazzaro – Let Me Take You
Hidden Empire – Pont de la Caille
Hilit Kolet, Kay Elizabeth – Techno Disco (Extended Mix)
Hiva; Dirty Disco Stars – Sound Of Wire
Homero Espinosa – Running (Original Mix)
HP Vince – I Want You to Know
Idris Elba, Inner City, Steffanie Christi’an – No More Looking Back (feat. Steffanie Christi’an) (David Penn Remix)
Iglesias – BTC
Igor Gonya – Get Lifted
Infinity Ink; Yasmin – How Do I Love You (Kai Alce Main Mix)
J. Worra – some ppl fall (David Penn Remix)
Jacques Renault – High
James Haskell – Up On Love
James Silk – Like U Do
James Silk – Needin You
James Silk – Spaced Out
JC Delacruz – Rituales De Shaman
jeremy sylvester – Love Fantasy (2020 Remix)
jeremy sylvester – Satisfaction 95 (God ) (Nice N Ripe)
Jerome Sydenham, Fatima Njai – Krimson Blossom
Jerry C. King – Psalm 23 (Paul Johnson Jack Nation Remix)
JKriv, Angela Johnson – Not That Serious
Johan S, Oliver Knight – Deep Inside (TR595)
Johan S, Oliver Knight – She’s So Special (Extended Mix)
JohNick, Joey Chicago – Out Of This World
Jonk & Spook – In the Ghetto
Junior Jack – Stupidisco (Elektrik Disko Remix)
Karol XVII & MB Valence; Lazarusman – 2022 Whispers (Album Retouch)
Kasango – Closer
Katermurr – It Ain’t What You Got (DJ MERCI Remix)
Kelli Sae, Michael Gray, Rocco Rodamaal – Believe In A Brighter Day (Rocco Rodamaal Dub)
Kerri Chandler, Rev F. L. Brown – Prayer (623 Again Vocal Mix)
Kevin Knapp – Footprints (Toman Remix)
Kevin Knapp – Footprints
Kgzoo; Classic Desire_SA – Porcion de amor (feat. Classic Desire_SA)
Kiberu – Kult of Kumasi
King Kooba – Relocate (Original Mix)
Kinky Movement; Sebb Junior – Let It Flow (Sebb Junior Remix)
Kormak – Baybee
Kraak & Smaak – Corsica ’80
Kristin Velvet – The Foundation
Kristof Tigran – Make Sweat (Original Mix)
Kryptogram – Overheat
Kusini; Subjaxx – Emakhaya
Kyle Walker – Midnight Dancer
Lalo Leyy; Hernandez – Don’t Let Me Go
Laroye, HUMPHREY – Precious Day (Main Mix)
Legato – So Close Now
Lennart Richter; Caleb Garnatz – So Fine
Loni Clark – Rushing (Timmy Regisford Retouch)
Lore of the Samurai – City Loop
Lore of the Samurai – Deeper Into Orbit
Macrolev – Can You Play It (Edit)
Made In TLV – Isla Blanca
Manuel Tur – Digital Fabric 01
Marc Brauner – Your Heart
Marc Noble – Afternoon Desire
Marco Faraone, Lolita Leopard – My Name (feat. Lolita Leopard)
Marcus Holder – After
Mário Marques; Maximilian G – Don’t Let Me Go (Othersoul Remix)
Maska – Got 2 Keep On
MATE 0000; JCKRSS – Connection (Ercos Blanka Remix)
Matt Caseli – Get Outta My House
Mattei & Omich, Ella – Roots (Moon Rocket Remix)
Matty & Monique, Monique Bingham – Now What (Sean McCabe Remix)
Max Cohle – Chapel
MAXI MERAKI – As The Night Moves In
Maxz – Laroyé Elegua (Original Mix]
Mia Mendi, Thomas Gandey; Mia Mendi; Thomas Gandey – Nightliner
Miguel Campbell; Bubblegum Pop – Ashamed
Miguel Migs, Andy Allo – Sensations (feat. Andy Allo) (Miguel Migs Deep Feels Vocal)
Miguel Migs, Andy Allo – Sensations (feat. Andy Allo) (Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix)
Miguel Migs, Andy Allo – Sensations (Miguel Migs Deep Feels Extended Vocal)
Mijangos – Rumba Sabrosa
Misha Klein; Emil Croff – Little Ellie (Extended Mix)
Miss Mel; Max D Loved; Noferini – Boy ( Emanuele Esposito Remix )
Mo’Cream – Magic Rhodes
Mo’Cream – You Got To My Head
Molino – Prince
Mòo & Jo; DeMaya; ARKADYAN; Eribertho Cruzado – Desperado (Vocal Mix)
Moodena – The Rattlesnake & The Ant
Moon Boots – Come To Me
Moon Rocket, TSOS, Benjy – Kalamba (Moon Beat Mix)
Moon Rocket, TSOS, Benjy – Kalamba (Moon Mix)
Morinoco – I Don’t Cry No More
Mr.Eclectic, MissFly – Stronger Together
TAKIRU; Dor Reuveni; Mosko (IL) – Sour Heart
N’Dinga Gaba, Decency – No Words (Ezel Remix)
Nathan Adams, George Lesley, Jonny Yeoman – Salted Caramel
Never Dull – Doesn’t Matter (VIP Remix)
Newmanhere – Get Started
Odd Mob; Pooks; Hayley Trinca – Disappear (feat. Hayley Trinca) [Romy Black Remix]
Ollie Weeks – Weeksing On
Pablo Fierro; T.Markakis – Aight (T.Markakis Caldera Sunset Remix)
Pansil – Someday (Husky’s Deluxe Disco Extended Mix)
Peppe Citarella; Isidro Infante – Celia y Tito (Manybeat Sabroso Mix)
PEZNT – Ride with Me
Phil Disco – Motor City A
Phil Disco – Phonic Disco
Pinto (NYC); Demuir – Nasty (Demuir’s Playboi Edit)
Pray For More; MJ White – Brothers & Sisters (Dirty Secretz Remix)
Rafa Barrios – Housick
Ralphi Rosario; Samantha Blanchard – You Used to Hold Me 2021 (Saliva Commandos Reboot Mix)
Ray MD – Los Indios Tainos (Original DR Mix)
Red Eye – Peech Fuzz (Original Mix)
Rick Silva – Watch This (Original Mix)
Ridney, Natalie Wood – Constantly (feat. Natalie Wood) (Tilman Remix)
Ross Couch – Simple Things
Roy Jazz Grant, Sasha Dias – Abba Father (Greg Lewis, Thommy Davis, & DJ Spen Afro Radio Edit)
Roy Jazz Grant; Sasha Dias – Abba Father (Original Radio Edit)
Saint Evo; Venessa Jackson – The Myth
Saison – Man Of Soul
Salade Tomate – Steel Band (Original Mix)
Sammy Deuce; DAN:ROS – I Like It
Santo Arrosa – Perdido
Scott Diaz – Stay Young
Sebb Junior – Just 2 Be With U (Instrumental)
Serge Funk, Paolo Bardelli – Wah Ho Hey
Sevader – Ghetto Lennox
Sevader – Time for You
Shahrokh Dini; Mox – Dust (Musumeci Remix)
Shimza; Maleh – Fight to Love (Radio Edit)
Smokey Bubblin’ B – Rinse Out
Solaris Heights – Midnight (Chris Stussy Remix)
Sonickraft – Let Them Go
Soul Dhamma – Don’t Run Away (Sean’s Italo Piano Dub)
Soul Dhamma – Don’t Run Away (Sean McCabe Main Mix)
Soulfreq – Feels Right
Spencer Brown; Qrion – Rainy April
Stamir Bogram – Dream of You (Original Mix)
Stanny Abram; ARMS45 – Miami Spice (Original Mix)
Steady Rock – DJ Tool
Steady Rock – Lily
Stephane deschezeaux – Show 9 (Original Mix)
Steve Robinson (UK) – Bug Jazz
Stoim – Dancing On 3rd Street (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Remix)
Stranger Danger; Nelson Cuberli; Sen-sei – Jazz Bounce (Stranger Danger Remix)
T.U.R.F. – Easy Way Out
Tekniq – Amasiko (Timmy Regisford Edit)
The Blackbyrds – Mysterious Vibes (Sean McCabe Classic Rework)
The Cube Guys; Denitia – Nite Away (Trimtone Remix)
The Disclosure Project – Life Juice
The Doberman Club – Acacia
The Funk District – Like A Bird On A Cage
The Sunburst Band; Dave Lee – We Can Live Forever (Ian Friday Remix)
The Supermen Lovers; SUPERMUSIQUE – Summer Love (James Curd Keep Burning Remix)
Tinashe; Matisse – Away (feat. Matisse) [Nash La Musica Remix]
Tjarda – Love, Peace & Happiness
Tonbe – Old Fashion (Original Mix)
Toni Varga – That’s Right
TOSHI – Weeper (Benny T Remix)
Tour-Maubourg – Ode to Love (Saudade Remix)
Tovi Sound System – Hi Ho
Toxo – Break U Down
Trilogy Inc. – 313
Trilogy Inc. – Calling
Turquoise Colored French Tourists – A Sip of This and That
Vanilla Ace; Swave; HITTA – Todos Gozan
Vhyce – Monde Réel
Vincent Caira – Dr. Soul (Lee Wilson Vocal Remix)
Vonda7; Byron the Aquarius – Change of Heart (Byron the Aquarius Dub Remix)
WARDELL PIPER – Legendary (Ali Aitken Dub)
Wez Whynt, Earl W. Green, Jason Nicholson Porter, Nickson – You Will Know (SoulLab Spiritual Vocal Mix)
Who Da Funk, Jessica Eve – Shiny Disco Balls (Illyus & Barrientos Refix)
WNOISE – Ritmo
Wza; Queen Rose – Dancehall
Yuri Eleven – Low Flow
Ziggy Funk – Brondesbury Park
Ziggy Funk – Ice Cream



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