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01.01.2022 – ALL (TECHNO 80 TRACKS)




Annie Hill – Eternal (Original Mix).mp3
Annie Hill – Spherical (Original Mix).mp3
ARIINA, Giancarlo Di Chiara – Coma (DIKRON Remix).mp3
ARIINA, Giancarlo Di Chiara – Coma (Original Mix).mp3
Berkel – Chilam (Booz Remix).mp3
Berkel – Chilam (Original Mix).mp3
Berkel – Lucente Oscurita (Booz Remix).mp3
Berkel – Lucente Oscurita (Original Mix).mp3
Berkel – Ossessivo Compulsivo (Original Mix).mp3
Berkel – Sacro E Profano (Original Mix).mp3
BOHO, Fukkk Offf, MILLA LOU – Sehnsucht (Maksim Dark Remix).mp3
BOHO, Fukkk Offf, MILLA LOU – Sehnsucht (Original Mix).mp3
BOHO, MILLA LOU – The Drama (Freudenthal Remix).mp3
BOHO, MILLA LOU – The Drama (Original Mix).mp3
Dominik Saltevski – Aeon (Original Mix).mp3
Dominik Saltevski – Ataraxia (Original Mix).mp3
Dominik Saltevski – Getting Higher (Original Mix).mp3
Fabrizio Murgia – Crypto Tales (Original Mix).mp3
Fabrizio Murgia – Hologram (Original Mix).mp3
Fernando Lagreca – Atmosfera (Original Mix).mp3
Fernando Lagreca – Ozonoe (Original Mix).mp3
FreakG – Anxious (Original Mix).mp3
FreakG – In The Mood (Original Mix).mp3
FreakG – Park Trip (Original Mix).mp3
FreakG – Rainy Walks (Original Mix).mp3
FreakG – Saturdays (Original Mix).mp3
FreakG – Unleashed Energy (Original Mix).mp3
GT (SLO) – Need Control (Original Mix).mp3
GT (SLO) – Turbolence (Original Mix).mp3
GT (SLO) – Twisted Fate (Original Mix).mp3
Herbrido – Amnesia (Ekko Remix).mp3
Herbrido – Amnesia (Original Mix).mp3
Herbrido – Lavandula (Original Mix).mp3
Juli Aristy – Other People (Original Mix).mp3
Kaya DJ – Sequence (Original Mix).mp3
lucas white – My Galaxy (Original Mix).mp3
lucas white – Strange Sound (Original Mix).mp3
Maksim Dark – Sentinel (Original Mix).mp3
Michele Mausi – Aletheia (Lakej Remix).mp3
Michele Mausi – Azar (Linear System Remix).mp3
Michele Mausi – Collapse And Resurface (Jala Remix).mp3
Michele Mausi – Postulate (dc11 Remix).mp3
Michele Mausi – Trankus (Vertical Spectrum Remix).mp3
Pablo Wesler – Ciudad Pesada (Lakej Remix).mp3
Pablo Wesler – Ciudad Pesada (Original Mix).mp3
Renrof – Impulse (Original Mix).mp3
Renrof – Momentum (Original Mix).mp3
Renrof – Start (Original Mix).mp3
Roll Dann – Nobody Would Talk To Us (Original Mix).mp3
Roll Dann – Stay Away (Original Mix).mp3
Roll Dann – Traps Of Desire (Original Mix).mp3
Tripeo – Just In Time (Original Mix).mp3
Tripeo – The Reckoning (Original Mix).mp3
Tripeo – Tumbleweed (Original Mix).mp3
Tripeo – Whistleblower (Original Mix).mp3
Y7 – Do Drugs Was Never An Option (Original Mix).mp3
Y7 – Interlude (Original Mix).mp3
Y7 – Name Your Hood (Original Mix).mp3
Y7 – The Decline Of Political Parties (Original Mix).mp3
Y7 – You Came Into My Life Unexpectedly (Original Mix).mp3




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