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B New Music House November 2021

New Music House November 2021

Abel – Sweet Jo
Adam Hendrickson – St. Elsewhere
Adam Key – Jump
Adam Trist – Tangible Dreaming
Agnes – Embryonic Connections
Alex Kaspersky – Lovalost
Alfa & Beta – I Will Survive
Alfonso Ares – The Way You Are
Angel D’ Maria – Elite Tech
Anthony Attalla – Don’t Stop
Antti Rasi – Matias Vila
Balad – A Half Remembered
Benny Camaro – I Wanna Give You
Berny Manfry – Over Dub
Black Jack – E-Scape
Black Loops – Forster Funk
Bonnie & Klein – Accasun
Bossruu – Ngawe
Carol Kenzo – We Could Be
Carsten Halm – Le Petit Prince
Catz ‘n Dogz – Use Your Mind
Cherriep – Vibrations
Cheyne Christian – The Story Of Latin Music
Chicane – Hello, Goodbye
Chris & Vasa – Everybody Come Together
Chris Domingo – Le’ Carnival
Clark Feeble – I Want You
Coherence – Lebanese Red
Coredeep – Pray For Africa
D’funk – Groove Me
Dampé – Sleet
Dany Cohiba – Hammamet
Darksidevinyl – Braaa
David Morales – Kalimba
Db Grooverz – Blast
Dfra – Candelaria
Dio S – Time For Change
Dj Stylezz – Spirit
Don Paolo – I Don’t Care
Eddie Leader – Fade Away
Eli Nissan – Casablanca
Ercos Blanka – Kafka
Erik Stefler – Into The Party
Eternal Moment – Shaman
Exist – Lookin’ At Blue
Fabio Fuso – Saturn
Fabio Karia – Bring It Down
Facundo Mohrr – Mondo
Filippo Di Costanzo – The Beat Of Love
First Of The Last – Placebo
Fondz – Kill Me
Franc Moody – Tired Of Waiting
Francis Erre – Deep For You
Free.D, Mik Kartl – Digital Pope
Gensi – The Great Body Buzz
Gianni Manti – I Dance
Groovy D – Outtacontrol
Heerhorst – Ynes
Hoki – Memories Of Love
Ikåro Gratí – Bay Of Kotor
Iron Curtis – Kerri On
Iron Touch – Hot For You
Jack Priest – Piano ’89
James Silk – Jam
Jc Delacruz – Caminando Nel Sol
John Otto – Exaltation
Jon Dixon – The New Tomorrow
Jovonn – The Avenue Brooklyn Bounce
Jt Donaldson – What I Got
Juliche Hernandez – Colored Theater
Kx9000 – Aqua Laguna
Last Nubian – Always Be Right
Liam Mockridge – Goodie Bag
Life Of Puffin – Jeg Vet
Luis León – Alpha
M. Rodriguez – Tribe Ponxa
Madloch, Subnode – Shadow People
Manu Gonzalez – I Want
Marco Tuccillo – They Move So Fast
Mark Hawkins – Chasing Paper
Maurizio Basilotta – Mystic Groove
Mauro Venti – Coming For That
Michael Cassette – Crockett’s Theme
Micronoise – Everything Feels Right
Miss Monique – Sojourn
Modal – Useless Empathy
Mode Apart – Walk With Me
Monika Kruse – Soulstice
Monolink – Harlem River
Mot – I Need You
Mumbai Science – Pulse
Munsee – Hypnotic
No Different – Nobody Thought
Nto – Petit Matin
Nukreative Feat. Amega – State Of Mind
Ordonez – Tuba Jam
Ori B. – Now Or Never
Pastrana – Untold Secret
Pfeffermouse – Berlin
Prok & Fitch – Hooked
Rako – Deepvine
Raretwo Inc – Song For Derrick
Rennie Foster – I’ve Been Waiting
Schiuch – Futureless
Shingo Nakamura – Glow
Soane – Go Master
Stevaxel – Bonger
Thiago Phillip – Just Bounce To This
Timmy Regisford – Divoc
W&S – Dragonair
Westcoast Goddess – Like I Want U
Wlady – Your Mind
Yuste – My Friend Jona
Zac And Bakka – Blossom
Zenma – Chambal



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