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B Weekend Picks 02 (2022)

Weekend Picks 02 (2022)


39 Kingdom – Drop That (Extended Version)
AKKI (DE) – The Lord (Original Mix)
Ale C – Showing Emotions (Original Mix)
Andrea Oliva – Alley Rave (Original Mix)
Andrea Oliva – Out and About (Original Mix)
Anfisa Letyago – Rising Sun (DJ Rush Remix)
apaj – Horizon (Kunterweiß Remix)
Apoena – Dark Emerald (Original Mix)
Arude, Sincz – Become Immortal And Then Die (Original Mix)
Ash Roy, Lewis. – Stargazer (Original Mix)
Bastian Bux – Kriminal Fried Chicken (Original Mix)
Ben Gomori – When This Is All Over (Original Mix)
Bendtsen – Savage (Original Mix)
Bob the Groove feat. Jeanne – Together We Stand (Original Mix)
Bolton – Another Ricky Day (Original Mix)
Cerrot – Left and Right (Original Mix)
Creatures – Meh (Original Mix)
Cri Du Coeur – Soldier (Original Mix)
Cristhian Balcazar – On My Own (Original Mix)
Cuillère – Walk On (Original Mix)
Cyrk – Hidden Geometries (Original Mix)
Damaso Leon – Back To… (Original Mix)
Daniel Steinberg – 2001 (Original Mix)
Demuja – Jam #1 (Original Mix)
Digital Ivan – I Want To Dance (Extended Mix)
Discognition – Black Rose Of Olympus (Original Mix)
Disphonia – Snapshot (Original Mix)
DJ Ideal, Redux Saints – Pressure (Extended Mix)
Djebali – Hi Reset (Original Mix)
Donald’s House – Melodies on the Meridian (Original Mix)
Dutta & Emperor – Ghost Train (Original Mix)
Eli Brown – Believe (Original Mix)
Eternal Blood – Manchester Forever (Extended Mix)
Ethiopian Chyld, Moorez, Mosebetsi – Entabeni (Original Mix)
EverLight – Disco Death Machine (Extended Mix)
Fabio Neural, Ammo Avenue – Keep The Groove (Original Mix)
Flight Facilities, Your Smith – Heavy (CCDISCO Dub)
Frankey and Sandrino – Optical (Original Mix)
Iglesias, ROSCO (UK) – Shine Together (Original Mix)
James Hurr, Per QX, Elias Bravo – Get Up (Extended Mix)
James Poole – Brass Money (Original Mix)
Jasmith – Little Helper 387-1 (Original Mix)
Kaippa, Eric Kupper, Kathy Brown – I Can’t Explain (Eric Kupper Radio Mix)
Kinky Sound – Rakara (Original Mix)
Koelle, Into The Ether – Fall in Time feat. MARGRET (DSF Extended Remix)
Lucas Ferreyra, Sergio Saffe – Say It Now (Extended Mix)
Lucio Agustin – Tortuguitas (Ray Mono Remix)
Maffa – When I First Met You (Original Mix)
Marçal – Reaper (Original Mix)
Marcelo Ignacio – Fabula (Original Mix)
Marlon George – Intimate FR (Original Mix)
Marotti ! – Do It Right (Original Mix)
Martin Eyerer, Henne Mueller – Endoflexor (Original Mix)
Matter – Burnout (Original Mix)
Messiah – Black Hole (Original Mix)
Mimram, DJ AroZe – Liberator (Original Mix)
MOT3K – Tracer (Original Mix)
Motion Symmetry – Kaab (Original Mix)
Not Demure – Aifos (Original Mix)
Okain – Brother Jack (Original Mix)
Okain – Midnight Feed (Original Mix)
Osibisa – Yo Luv Is Betta (Louie Vega & Josh Milan Main)
Paul Rudder, Kresy – Floating Penthouse (Kresy Uplifting Version)
Paul Thomas, Fuenka, Schieber – Figo (Extended Mix)
Perpetual Universe – Unreal Thoughts (Extended Mix)
Phocust – Digital Love (Original Mix)
Procombo – Liberate Your Mind (Original Mix)
Raul Young – Dull Experiment (Original Mix)
Reboot – Acele (Original Mix)
Reboot – Not Like Used (Original Mix)
Rhomer – Cosmica (Original Mix)
Sam Ruffillo – Danza Organica (Extended Mix)
Sebastian Haas – Galex (Original Mix)
Sébastien Léger, Tim Green – Iso (Original Mix)
Sian, Sacha Robotti, Third Culture – In The Dark (Original Mix)
Squire, Dinky – Falling From The Window (Original Mix)
Tensnake, Hexe – Call Me (Tensnake Noir Mix)
Tom Savage – On Air (Extended Mix)
Toshi, Mr.Orpheus, Renhet – Orobaje Feat. Toshi (Original Mix)
Weska – Kobra Killer (Original Mix)
Wingz – Negative Space (Original Mix)



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