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B Weekend Picks 44 Progressive House

Weekend Picks 44 Progressive House

Blanka Barbara – Amabie (Michael A Remix) 06:18 123bpm B
Blanka Barbara – Amabie (Original Mix) 08:44 124bpm Bm
Blanka Barbara – The Black Lagoon (Juan Deminicis Remix) 07:04 122bpm G
Blanka Barbara – The Black Lagoon (Original Mix) 08:13 121bpm Gm
Boral Kibil, Gulec – First Contact (Original Mix) 06:20 121bpm Abm
Boral Kibil, Gulec – Lost Language (Original Mix) 06:41 122bpm Am
Cristoph, Artche – Illusions (Original Mix) 07:38 123bpm C min
Dwson – Table of Dreams (Original Mix) 06:39 119bpm Am
Ezequiel Arias – Arcadia (Original Mix) 08:04 122bpm D
Ezequiel Arias – Far Above the World (Original Mix) 07:26 123bpm Bb
Ezequiel Arias – Magic Fields (Original Mix) 07:54 123bpm A
Figueras – Dark Tourist (Original Mix) 07:38 123bpm A
Figueras – Tartarus (Original Mix) 06:51 122bpm Cm
Figueras – Tartarus (Ric Niels Remix) 07:08 121bpm Cm
Figueras – Tartarus (Scippo Remix) 06:30 123bpm Cm
Garance – Bees in the Living Room (D-Formation & Masella Remix) 07:11 122bpm Em
Garance – Vai Dar Certo (Original Mix) 07:28 121bpm G
Jamie Stevens, Anthony Pappa – Here We Go (Original Mix) 07:54 123bpm Fm
Jamie Stevens, Anthony Pappa – Where We’ve Gone (Original Mix) 08:54 124bpm F
KAMADEV – Intisar (Original Mix) 05:49 122bpm A
KAMADEV – Take It Back (Integral Bread Remix) 06:25 122bpm E
KAMADEV – Take It Back (Original Mix) 06:49 122bpm E
KAMADEV – Take It Back” (Andrea Martini Remix) 05:44 124bpm Bb
Kamilo Sanclemente – Elements (Original Mix) 07:54 122bpm B
Kamilo Sanclemente – Evergreen (Alex O’Rion Remix) 07:31 121bpm D
Kamilo Sanclemente – Perspective (Original Mix) 08:22 123bpm A
Ki To Pa – Als Ze Wist (Original Mix) 08:25 123bpm Ab
Leon Lobato – Retro Love (FJL Remix) 07:20 122bpm Dm
Markus Homm – Dark Sea (Original Mix) 07:23 127bpm Dm
Markus Homm – Launchpad (Original Mix) 07:15 128bpm Abm
Markus Homm – Nordkap (Original Mix) 08:07 128bpm Ab
Matan Caspi – Serengeti (Dmitry Molosh Remix) 08:07 122bpm Db
Matan Caspi – Serengeti (Juan Pablo Torrez & Dabeat Remix) 07:28 122bpm Dbm
Matan Caspi – Serengeti (Original Mix) 07:25 122bpm Db
Namatjira – Naya (Beije Remix) 06:55 122bpm F
Namatjira, STVN – Amber Fluid (Forty Cats Remix) 07:25 121bpm Ebm
Onen – Road Rush (Extended Mix) 05:36 124bpm C
Onen – Time Attack (Extended Mix) 06:11 124bpm D
Onen – Wild West (Extended Mix) 07:17 123bpm F
Petar Dundov – Day Unseen (Original Mix) 08:45 120bpm Ebm
Petar Dundov – Spark (BLANCAh Remix) 07:36 122bpm G
Petar Dundov – Spark (Imran Khan Remix) 06:52 121bpm Gm
Petar Dundov – Spark (Original Mix) 08:19 125bpm G
Pretty Pink – Shadows feat. The Element (Extended Mix) 06:19 124bpm A maj
Q.A.T, Maximo Gambini – One Sided Thoughts (Original Mix) 08:23 121bpm Dm
Q.A.T, Maximo Gambini – Stochastic Process (Original Mix) 08:48 121bpm Gm
Rokazer – Magnetic (Chook Remix) 07:36 124bpm Em
Rokazer – Magnetic (Movement Machina Remix) 05:55 125bpm Em
Rokazer – Magnetic (Original Mix) 07:48 124bpm Em
Rokazer – Magnetic (Sonic Union & Hannes Wiehager Remix) 06:54 124bpm E
Sergio Dotto – Aqua Maniva (Original Mix) 07:20 123bpm C maj
Sergio Dotto – Paliria Element (Original Mix) 07:20 122bpm D maj
Sinan Arsan – Borderline (Chris Drifter Rmx) 07:49 124bpm C
Sinan Arsan – Borderline (SACHA RENER Rmx) 07:44 121bpm Bb
Sinan Arsan – Borderline (Stae Rmx) 08:19 123bpm Bb
Soulmade (AR) – Pyramid (Original Mix) 06:20 121bpm G maj
Soulmade (AR) – Sideral (Original Mix) 06:30 120bpm D maj



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