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VA – Amsterdam 2021 KLP122C

Amsterdam 2021

Jose M. – 34 Red (Extended Mix) 06:05 126bpm G♭ min
Mirko Boni – Lighters (Extended Mix) 07:13 125bpm E min
DiVine (NL), Fabian Haneke – All About (Extended Mix) 05:48 122bpm G♭ maj
Viktor Varela – Bridge To Deception (Extended Mix) 05:37 125bpm A min
John Dude – African Vibration (Extended Mix) 06:46 124bpm G min
Deophonik – I Want To Power (Extended Mix) 06:09 126bpm A min
Draganeskool – I’m Funky (Extended Mix) 06:04 127bpm F maj
Wolf Jay, Veltron, Gunners – Feel So Good (Extended Mix) 05:14 125bpm B min
Ech – Everybody Jump Now (Extended Mix) 05:35 126bpm G♭ min
Hermann Bravo – Mister Salsa (Extended Mix) 06:11 125bpm G maj
Andres Power, Fickry – Overdrive (Extended Mix) 06:59 124bpm G maj
Daniel Bracket, HNS – Losing Control (Extended Mix) 06:14 125bpm G♭ min
Diamond Fingers, V3O – Sexy Girl (Extended Mix) 06:30 128bpm A min
MoonDark, Blvckr – Connection (Extended Mix) 06:50 125bpm G min
Tony Metric – Love (Extended Mix) 06:11 126bpm F min
Dj Matt Black – Rock’it Right (Extended Mix) 06:19 123bpm E min
Steve Hope – Solo (Extended Mix) 06:49 127bpm C min
Lucas Rosselli – Move Your Body (Extended Mix) 07:54 128bpm G min



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